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Tritannus Winx Club Villain S5

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Tritannus is the villain for the fifth season of the Winx Club. He was once a normal triton, but got turned evil by sea pollution. He now wants to rule the Infinite Ocean, and the Trix will be his allies.

He is Layla's cousin, The son of King Neptune and the brother of Nereus.

Personality ProfileEdit

So far, Tritannus has shown to be greedy and jealous, as shown in the second episode of Season 5. He was jealous of his father choosing Nereus, his brother to be King of the ocean.

Season 5Edit

Tritannus, angry that his father chose his brother Nereus to be King of the ocean, decides to disrupt the crowning ceremony, and fights his brother. In the end, he is defeated by his father, who is very ashamed of him and sends him to the prison in Andros. There he meets the Trix.

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